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Originally planned as a burial place for members of the Walker family, over the years, the Walker lineage has spread to include, in addition to Walker, such names as Milligan, Carter, Wolfe, Shearer, Griffin, Johnston, Reab, Regail, Lacy, Beers, Powell, Rossignol, Levert, Winter, Barksdale, Norvell, Hankinson, Kleiner, Mitchell, Robinson, and others. Although the name on the gravestone may not be Walker, almost all interred in this place are Walker descendants.
Special Sections
The Walker Family Cemetery, located on Arsenal Avenue in Augusta, Georgia, just off Walton Way, has been cited as one of the most historic cemeteries in the state.

The cemetery adjoins the grounds of Georgia Regents University/Augusta State University, which owes its existence to a donation of land to the U.S. government provided by Freeman Walker, the city’s first elected mayor. (see History section)

Included on this site is a brief history of the Walker Family Cemetery, graciously written by local historian, Dr. Nell Callahan. By clicking on the link marked "History," you can view the special History section by Dr. Callahan. For those wishing to do more research, there is included at the end of the History, a link to a bibliography and reference materials.