The Walker Family Cemetery
c/o Russell Shearer, Treasurer
2302 Canebrake Court
Augusta, Georgia 30907

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Members of the Walker
Family Cemetery
Board of Trustees
Reab Berry
Frank Knapp
Betty Sherrill
Allen Glover
Russell Shearer
Curtis Carter
Stacey Plooster
 Without your contribution, we would not be able to maintain the historic Walker Family Cemetery. Your contribution goes to defray expenses of periodic cleaning, mowing, watering, and planting of shrubbery. Also, the cemetery needs periodic maintenance of the fence, gates and brickwork, all of which requires us to maintain funds in our treasury. So, please, won't you help us keep this historic cemetery in a respectable condition. Send your contributions and memorials to the address above or link here to a contribution form. Thank you for your financial consideration.